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Dixidox de Luxe Keratin Treatment Shampoo

Dixidox de Luxe Keratin Treatment Shampoo

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Dixidox de Luxe keratin treatment shampoo is a double-acting shampoo, which helps to stimulate scalp microcirculation and to improve hair structure. It contains high concentration of hair-stimulating components, such as Caffeine, Placental protein, vasodilator components (Capsaicin), Royal Jelly, herbal extracts and Adenosine encapsulted in nanosized liposomes. It is also ideal for restoring damaged hair due to the content of Hydrolyzed Keratin, Hydrolyzed Collagen and vitamins. After the treatment your hair will get shine, strength and volume. 

How to use: Apply on the wet hair, rinse in 2-5 minutes. The shampoo can be used daily or every other day.