Collection: Oily and itchy scalp

Say goodbye to excess oiliness with our clarifying and calming hair products aiming to tame the oil production and soothe the itchy skin without stripping essential moisture.

These products work by using phytocomplexes that contain arnica, horsetail, sage, calendula, juniper, rosemary, and pomegranate to regulate sebum and cleanse the skin. Surfactants are effective at cleansing the skin and hair of excess sebaceous secretions in a gentle and reliable manner. Menthol induces a sense of freshness. The combination of salicylic and fruit acids has an effect that exfoliates and peels. Improved hair health and hair growth can be achieved by combining vitamin-mineral complex, cayenne pepper extract, and vasodilating components.

With our comprehensive oily scalp product, you can reclaim confidence in your hair. Embrace a balanced, revitalized scalp, and let your hair shine with health and vitality.

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