DSD de Luxe is an achievement that more than 40 years of experience and dedication to the manufacture of cosmetics for skin and hair.

All products of this line belongs to the Class of Cosmoceutical products, as they posses medicinal effects, but also give a feeling of pleasure and comfort, that is a characteristic of high quality cosmetics..

The DSD products have remarkable therapeutic effects that potentially intensify the hair growth, reduce the inflammation in cases of seborrhea and dandruff, and restore the structure of damaged or quimically processed hair.

It is difficult to find another trichological line of products having such a well-thought complex of active ingredients.

All products intended to stimulate hair growth are based on ingredients which effectiveness is confirmed clinically and has a serious scientific basis.

The safety of our exclusive active ingredients has been confirmed not only clinically but also by an immense experience of physicians and users of these products.

Biotechnologists and physicians who participate in the development of the Simone de Luxe products are in the vanguard of trichology and therefore, this constantly renovating line of products contains the newest ingredients and components with proven activity.

We are sure that once you have appraised the DSD products, you not only will be impressed with their utmost efficacy and quality but you also will get a genuine aesthetic enjoyment.